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We are very much proud to introduce our organic coconut products from Indonesia.

Our company is one of the best virgin coconut oil manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia.

It’s been widely known by the public, coconut can be processed into various products. These products have so many benefits, from beauty to health, you can get them by consuming coconut products. One of our missions is to provide quality products while remaining environmentally friendly.

Quality is one of our priorities as the best virgin coconut oil manufacturer and supplier to provide satisfaction to consumers. Every product we produce is certified organic. There are no artificial ingredients or dangerous chemicals that can endanger the health of our consumers.

Not only virgin coconut oil, we also provide bleached and deodorized coconut oil products as a base for cosmetics making.

However, no need to worry because our products are organic and safe to be consumed.

To produce the best quality, we always try to improve quality management. Our company also always strives to be consistent in maintaining the quality of the products we produce to meet expectations and maintain consumer trust. The products we offer include:

  1. Virgin Coconut Oil


Since ancient times, virgin coconut oil has been widely used by Southeast Asian people for body care and for cooking. As a virgin coconut oil manufacturer and supplier, the products we offer are of the best quality that retains their natural coconut taste and sweet smell.

Many people use virgin coconut oil to maintain skin health because of its anti – bacterial, anti – viral, and anti – fungal properties. The use of VCO on the skin can refine the skin texture and provide moisture to the skin.

Another benefit that you can get from virgin coconut oil is reducing the risk of heart disease because it can increase levels of good cholesterol in your blood. VCO also can help you in diet because it contains MCT that can burn fat.

  1. Coconut Milk


It is the result of coconut extraction which is often used to cook various dishes. Many traditional Indonesian foods and drinks use coconut milk as the base ingredient, such as curry, Opor and various drinks.

Being the best coconut milk manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia, we provide high – quality coconut milk products. In contrary to the common myth around coconut milk, in fact, it promotes many benefits for human health.

The content of protein, fat, carbohydrates, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin D, potassium, and sodium makes coconut milk a highly nutritious material. Not only that, coconut milk does not contain bad fats so it can keep HDL in the blood. The antioxidant content in coconut milk is also quite high.

  1. Desiccated – Coconut


As a Desiccated coconut manufacturer and supplier, we provide desiccated coconut or coconut flour. It is the result of processing coconut which is shredded without adding other ingredients and then hygienically dried.

The nutritional value of it is quite high, which make it a good source of nutrient for your body. There are fat, vitamins and minerals and also protein fiber in it. The nutritional content is certainly good for the body to fulfill daily nutrition need.

  1. Coconut – Cream


Apart from providing coconut milk, we as the best Virgin Coconut Oil manufacturer and supplier also provide coconut cream. The process of making coconut cream is almost similar to coconut milk, except that it contains less water so it is shaped like paste.

The natural taste and freshness contained in coconut are retained in the coconut cream product. Like other products, coconut cream does not contain bad fats. In fact, with regular exercise, coconut cream can be used as dietary support to maintain ideal body weight.

To use it as a cooking ingredient, you just need to take it directly from the container so it is more practical. After the container is opened from the seal, coconut cream should be used immediately so it doesn’t stale.

  1. Coconut – Water


Being one of the best virgin coconut oil manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia, we provide products in the form of coconut water. Coconut water is a liquid that you can find in green coconuts or young coconuts. This liquid contains no cholesterol and is low in fat and calories.

In addition, coconut water also contains electrolytes, so consuming it can replace the electrolytes that the body loses when you do strenuous activities or after exercise. This liquid can also replace energy drinks or drinks that contain sugar to get rid of thirst after activities.

Apart from the above benefits, the vitamin C content in coconut water can also make your skin smoother. Coconut water is also believed to be able to overcome problems involving the urinary tract, including urinary stones.

  1. Crude – Coconut – Oil


Crude coconut oil is one of our products as a trusted virgin coconut oil manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia. CCO is a product made from fresh coconut meat that is processed at a relatively low temperature. The result of this process is pure coconut oil which has a distinctive smell and soft taste.

One of the characteristics of virgin coconut oil is the high levels of fatty acids. The fatty acids contained by CCO are useful for supporting the immune system, helping prevent fungal, viral, and bacterial infections, and can reduce the risk of cancer.

Physically, it is stable and has a long shelf life. This oil is also resistant to heat so it is healthy to use for cooking. CCO also has high nutritional content that can promote your health.

  1. Coconut – Sugar


Coconut sugar is one of our products as a virgin coconut oil manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia. It’s highly in demand because people started to be aware of their health. This product has been by many as one of the best ways to refine sugar.

It is made by dehydrate and boil the coconut sap. It is low of glycemic index and fructose content, which makes people interested in switching from refined to coconut sugar.

It also contains several minerals and antioxidants compared to regular white sugar. It is not refined, or added any chemical or synthetic ingredients which make it superior product in the market, compared to any other sweeteners.

  1. Coconut – Charcoal


Not only providing consumable products, as a form of our dedication to our consumers we also provide coconut charcoal which can be used as fuel. Being one of the virgin coconut oil manufacturer and supplier, we provide coconut charcoal of the highest quality.

Coconut charcoal is an alternative fuel that is more environmentally friendly because it utilizes renewable sources and is smokeless. It is safe for grilling as it doesn’t use or add any chemical during the process of the making.

A part from the above advantages, coconut charcoal is also in demand because the price offered is relatively lower than other fuels.

  1. RBD – Coconut – Oil


We as one of the trusted virgin coconut oil manufacturer and supplier provide products in the form of RBD coconut oil. RBD coconut oil comes from dried coconut meat, then extracted using a special process.

Furthermore, the dirt will be filtered so that it is ready and safe for consumption. The difference between this oil and VCO is in the manufacturing process. RBD coconut oil is bleached and heated in a very high temperature. This oil does not have the smell and taste of coconut oil.

This product is usually used for cosmetics, be it for lotions, soaps, massage oils and many more. In addition, RBD coconut oil can also be used for frying, although it is not suitable for industry because it produces quite a lot of smoke.

  1. Coconut Fiber and Peat


Being the best virgin coconut oil manufacturer and supplier, we are committed to protecting the nature. Therefore, we provide products in the form of coconut fiber and coconut peat. Coconut fiber is the layer that can be found between the inner shell and the outer shell of a coconut.

Uniquely, this coating can be used to produce many environmentally friendly items such as brushes, doormats, ropes to brooms. Apart from coconut fiber, coconut peat can also be used. Coconut peat is produced when processing coconut fiber.

This material Virgin coconut oil manufacturer and supplier is high in lignin and can be used as a planting medium. Hydroponics can use decomposed coconut peat, while in sterilized conditions, this material can be used for mushroom cultivation.

We keep our best effort to provide the best quality products for the high demand market. The process through which these products are produced is a process that is strictly monitored to maintain the quality of our products. Therefore, the quality of our products is superior in the market.

We will keep the quality standards of our products and provide the best service to our consumers. If you need coconut oil products, then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are one of the best – experienced virgin coconut oil manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia.


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