This type of coconut is no longer in the form of coconut, sliced, or grated. However, the form becomes liquid. Can coconut be looking for? Of course, I can. There are many food ingredients that use ingredients from coconut which have this liquid form. Therefore, you must know so that you don’t choose the wrong ingredients.

This cream made from coconut is one of them. So, this cream is the ingredient for making it not difficult. You only need coconut and water to make it. The way to make it is quite easy compared to other cooking ingredients. So here you have to grate the coconut first. After that, boil the grated coconut in boiling water.

The purpose of boiling grated coconut is to produce cream. So, we only need the extract from the grated coconut to make cream. After boiling for a while, the water and cream layer will separate by itself. This coating has a thin texture and is very runny.

The Terms Coconut-Cream and Coconut Milk


So, the thick layer that is produced from the boiling is separated and just the layer is taken. The rest of the boiling, which has no layer of cream, can be processed again. So, the rest of the boiling is called coconut milk. So here it is very economical when one processing turns out to produce 2 ingredients at once, namely cream and coconut milk.

Here it also proves to the common people that this cream with coconut milk is different. Maybe the manufacturing process is the same. However, the materials used are different. Because the results of the boiling did produce 2 different ingredients. The first ingredient can be used as cream. Then the second ingredient can be used as coconut milk. So, this one process is very effective and efficient, of course.

Comparison Between Coconut-Cream and Plain Coconut Water

So, you need to know that coconut milk and cream are not made from coconut water. Although the coconut milk and cream are runny, the basic ingredient is not coconut water. So, the ingredients are grated coconut meat and boiled with water. After that, these two ingredients are created. So, coconut milk and cream are created by boiling it with water.

Coconut-cream is also widely used for healthy cooking ingredients. So indeed, the cream can be used for whipped cream. So, it can complement healthy foods. But even though it’s not the healthiest, many vegetarians use it. It is said to be not the healthiest because it still has the potential to increase cholesterol.

The Chemistry of Coconut Milk and Cream

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