Coconut fiber and peat

Coconut fiber and peat


Coconut Fiber And Peat is the outer part of the coconut which wraps the coconut shell.

Processing of coconut fruit especially the derivative products still have a good chance large enough. Currently the coconut fruit processing industry is generally still focused on processing fruit pulp is the main product, while industries that process byproducts such as water, coir and coconut shell are still processed traditionally.

The coconut coir can be developed into a variety of products, including cocopeat, cocofibre, cocomesh, cocopot, coco fiber board and cococoir. These materials are raw materials in the mattress industry, pots, dry compost and so on. If only focus on processing

coconut fruit on the flesh alone causes the highest coconut price to be income

which is very low for farmers to live properly.

The thickness of coconut husk ranges from 5-6 cm which consists of the outer layer (exocarpium) and layer deep (endocarpium). Endocarpium contains fine fibers that can be used as materials for rope, sacks, pulp, carpets, brushes, mats, heat and sound insulation, filters, upholstery materials seat / car and hardboard boards. One coconut fruit produces 0.4 kg of coir contains 30% fiber.  Coconut coir when broken down will produce coir fiber (cocofibre) and coir powder (cococoir).

However, the core product of coir is coir fiber. From the cocofibre product will produce various kinds of product derivatives that have extraordinary benefits. Coir is 15 times longer than cotton to break and 7 times longer than hemp to breakwhile the Geotextiles mist is 100% bio-degradable and environmentally friendlyCoconut coir can be processed into a variety of finished and semi-finished products that have coconut fiber and peat.

Coconut fiber and peat.

Traditionally fiber coconut coir is only used as material for brooms, mats, ropes and household items other. Technological developments, physico-chemical properties of fiber, and consumer awareness to return to natural materials. Coconut coir fiber is processed to be used as Coir Fiber Sheet for car seat lining, Spring Bed and others. Coconut blankets or coconut skins have important materials that are highly efficient, namely coconut fibers (cocofiber) and fiber powder (cocopeat) after the fiber parts are separated.

Coconut fiber and peat

Coconut fiber and peat is a planting medium made from coconut fibers. By therefore, they are most easily found in tropical and archipelagic countries, such as Indonesia Coco peat can withstand water content and chemical elements of fertilizers and can neutralize aciditysoil. Because of these properties, coco peat can be used as a good medium for horticultural plant growth and greenhouse plant media.

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