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How to Make Coconut Milk from Whole Coconut


For reasons of effectiveness, many people switch from natural coconut milk to packaged instant coconut milk. However, it won’t taste as good as natural coconut milk. Moreover, packaged coconut milk often uses additional preservatives which reduce the natural nutritional content in coconut milk.  In fact, making real coconut milk from whole coconut is not as complicated as it looks, you know. You can make large quantities of coconut milk at once and save it for later use.

Selection of Coconut

The best types of coconut to produce savory coconut milk are red and green coconut. Coconut milk from red coconut is usually used to make cakes, because the results are brighter. Meanwhile, which is from green coconut is more cloudy or “filthy”.

Make sure you choose a medium-aged coconut that is not too old, but already hard. When processed, this type of coconut is usually more legit, fresher, and smells good.

Use Hot Water

Some people make coconut milk by soaking grated coconut in plain water, squeezing it, then cooking it over low heat. This method is fine, but it can break if not cooked properly. An easier alternative, after the coconut is peeled and grated, pour the coconut with hot water, then let it sit for five minutes before squeezing it out. This will make the coconut juices come out more.

Making Coconut Milk from Grated Coconut

Peel the epidermis until clean, then grate using a fine serrated grater. If you are too lazy to grate coconut yourself, you can buy fresh grated coconut at traditional markets. Just add hot water, soak for five minutes, then squeeze the juice.

Making Coconut Milk Using a Blender


This method allows you to make coconut milk more easily. Just cut the coconut fruit, put it in a blender and add warm water. Blend the coconut until it is completely smooth and strain the water.

The Right Ratio of Water

In general, it is divided into three types which are thick, medium, and thin coconut milk. The only difference is the amount of water. Thick coconut milk using the ratio of coconut and water is 1: 1. For example, 400 grams of coconut uses 400 ml of water. Or you can also squeeze pure coconut juice after it is grated without any additional water. It using the ratio of coconut and water is 1: 2. For example 400 grams of coconut using 800 ml of water. Thin one using the ratio of coconut and water is more flexible and tailored to your needs. However, they generally use a 1: 4 ratio. For example, 400 grams of coconut uses 1,600 ml of water.

Use a Cloth to Squeeze

It is better to squeeze the juice using a cloth, rather than a filter. You can squeeze the maximum, so that more water is produced. Use a cloth with soft fibers, such as gauze for example.

Freshly made fresh coconut milk can last, at least three months, as long as it is frozen in the freezer. Store it in thick plastic bags or you can also use vacuum plastic. Then, just melt it at room temperature before using it. The longer it is stored, the taste and quality will definitely decline. So, it should be used as soon as possible and not too long to store it.


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