Crude coconut oil

Crude coconut oil


If you shop at the market, you are sure to find many different and varied types of oil. You can also find peanut oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, and palm oil. Among the many oils, coconut oil is one of the most popular and sought after in the community.

Do you ofter hear about Crude coconut oil? Do you know, what is this?  CNO  popular as “industrial grade oil.” CNO is a high end-product that comes from the process of oil extraction from Copra. Oil extraction requires the use of pressure and heat. It has a  purpose is to refine and eliminate impurities as well as contaminants. After the extraction, the Copra can achieve the appropriate moisture content, which is 6-8%.

Free Fatty Acid (FFA) in Coconut oil can reach more than 0.1% in percentage. Therefore, it cannot be immediately consumed by people. It is advisable to use this oil only for external consumption.

Crude coconut oil  is really great for lubrication and moisturizing purpose due to the percentage of moisture level.

This oil has the quality of being mild when applied to the skin. It also has the attribute of being gentle on the surface. It could also be used as a cleaning solution and a sunscreen agent. This also often used as raw resources for oleochemicals, soap production, shampoo, and cosmetic products.

High saturated fat quality contains in this oil. It oxidizes more steadily than other vegetable oils, that’s why it does not ruin easily. But, without refining, as was the situation with this oil, the shelf life of the oil is lower. The shade and smell of unrefined coconut oil also make it inappropriate to be used in beauty products or food. It has several advantageous uses for non-food businesses. Crude coconut oil comprises tiny amounts of raw fiber and trace materials like iron, lead, and copper. It is rooted in lauric acid, which is used as an antimicrobial agent in several similar products.

Previously, CNO has been used as a diesel engine fuel in a number of studies. More researches are also being performed to learn as much about the capability of coconut oil as gasoline for energy production. We also take a glance forward to creative ways of using  this oil based on future research and development.

Health Effects of Coconut Oil-A Narrative Review of Current Evidence

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