Coconut meat which has been shredded, chipped or powdered and then dried out is called desiccated coconut.

Interesting facts about coconut on this one indeed seems to be common to some people. So, we trace the word desiccated first. This word has the meaning of drying or removing moisture. So, the coconut that will be discussed is coconut that is dry and the moisture element is gone.

Coconut like this is often used for food processing. Especially in the large food industry which does require large quantities. Therefore, they use this type of coconut to be processed into various kinds of food. This technique has also been used since ancient times where only the coconut meat is used.

This desiccated-coconut has been dried and shredded. Therefore, it can certainly be processed for various kinds of processed food using coconut. The next process after being grated is drying it. So, before the coconut is dry, it must be grated first. The temperature for drying it is about 55 degrees Celsius.

Utilizing Dessicated-Coconut for Food Ingredients


Before this coconut is processed, it must be ascertained in advance about the humidity. So, the humidity has to be around 3% for it to work. So even if it’s too dry it won’t be good. In addition, the benefits of this type of coconut are that it does not require a preservative or artificial sweetener. So, it already has its own taste

This coconut is often made into chips after grating. But when made into chips, there are also those that add artificial coloring and flavor. All of this may be aimed at making potential buyers interested. In fact, if you just go straight away you can and will definitely sell.

The Difference Between Desiccated-Coconut and Grated Coconut

Basically, grated coconut has a slightly moister texture compared to dry coconut. But also grated coconut when it has been left for a long time it can become a dry coconut too. The bottom line is that this coconut can be used as a food ingredient and a good source of flavor creation for food.

Dishes that use desiccated-coconut are usually easy to find in parts of India and around Southeast Asia. In both regions of the country it can be served as the main menu. However, for the European and British regions it is only used as a complement.

Dry coconut like this also has a lot of nutritional content. There are various kinds of nutritional content ranging from calories to RDI of potassium for adults, they are already involved. Even this dessicated-coconut has 605 calories. So, it is actually very sufficient if used for main food.


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