Virgin Coconut Oil

What is Virgin Coconut Oil


-VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil, is pure coconut oil which is extracted from old coconut using various methods. The content of VCO is dominated by saturated fat in the form of MCT or Medium Chain Triglyceride, and lauric acid. One of the benefits of VCO for health is that it is able to accelerate the body’s metabolism.

The price of VCO in the market varies, from cheap to expensive. If you are diligent in consuming VCO, there is nothing wrong with making your own VCO to make it more economical and of course the original quality. The basic principles of making VCO are 3 main stages, which are making coconut milk, making VCO, and filtering. The following is an explanation of the steps for making VCO.

Making Virgin Coconut Oil

Heating Method

This method uses controlled heating. The method is that the cream obtained from coconut milk is then cooked in a skillet at medium temperature of 60 ° C – 75 ° C. Keep the temperature not too hot. Stir gently until the oil comes out. When you get oil, turn off the heat. Separate the oil from Blondo by using a scoop. The advantage of using this method is that the virgin coconut oil produced is obtained in a short time compared to other methods.

Fermentation Method

The fishing method is to make virgin coconut oil by using the finished Virgin Coconut Oil as a fishing rod to form new VCO. The steps are very easy, namely prepare the cream and put it in a jar then add 1-2 tablespoons of VCO and mix well. Close the jar then wait 24 hours. The result is that 3 layers will be formed, namely: the top layer which is oil, the middle layer which is blondo, and the bottom layer which is water.

Pineapple Enzyme Method

Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain which can be used to make virgin coconut oil. Prepare enough pineapple fruit including the middle hump and then grated. The grated pineapple is mixed with coconut cream and put in a closed jar. Leave it for 24 hours to form 3 layers.

Vinegar Acid Method

How to make virgin coconut oil by acidifying is quite simple. Just add the food vinegar to the coconut cream. The comparison is 200 ml of coconut cream mixed with 2 tablespoons of vinegar. After mixing with vinegar, stir until evenly distributed and let it sit for 24 hours to form 3 layers.

The last step is filtering the virgin coconut oil to make it clearer. The results at the VCO-making stage are 3 layers, take the top layer in the form of oil and then filter it. Filtering can use a filter cloth or filter paper. After being filtered, put it in a closed bottle so that the quality is maintained. Do not store in the refrigerator and avoid exposure to sunlight.

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